Monster Pet Vet's humble beginnings started in 2010 and is currently managed by 2 sisters. 

The name "monster" came about from the frequent use of the nickname both sisters playfully use to call their pets. Needless to say, the first rescued kitten adopted from the clinic was proudly named Monster.

Monster Pet Vet (MPV) prides itself on our compassionate care and ethics and they strive to provide the utmost care for your pets' medical needs. MPV welcome dogs, cats, pocket pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas) and other exotic pets (reptiles, terrapins). MPV also offers a unique combination of both conventional as well as complementary medicine.

We approach the redesign of their brand identity through the unusual name ‘Monster’ and took our inspiration from old B horror movie posters, imagining the mascot as a pet who at times may seem like a monster to its owner when they get naughty and ‘destroy’ the city (or the environment they are in).

This identity was applied consistently to all their brand collaterals such as business cards, postcards for appointment reminders, pet health booklets and fridge magnets which is easy to access for the owners to contact MPV for emergencies.

We also revamp their website into a mobile responsive site with a mobile info bar so that their clients can easily locate and contact them and also check for opening hours.