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Ferrari Owners' Club Singapore

Ferrari Owners' Club Singapore (FOCS) has appointed MD DesignWorks to be the official design agency for its annual gala event since 2015. Aside from working with a yearly theme, MD DesignWorks also designed the Ballroom photo wall, programme booklet, slide deck as well as electronic direct mailer for the event itself.

Hero Car: Ferrari 488 GTB

Hero Car: Ferrari 488 GTB

The hero car of 2015 FOC Gala was the venerable Ferrari 488 GTB, and the 3D model was painstakingly rendered white. And to suit the "Winter Wonderland" look and feel, a snowy environment was created to complement this sexy piece of automotive work.

program booklet mockup.jpg
wall mockup.jpg
Hero Car: Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Hero Car: Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

The hero car used in 2016 FOCS Gala was none other than the elusive Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta. The car was digitally illustrated for both the Ballroom photo wall and the program booklet. To create that mysterious look, only shades of black were used to illustrate the car on the red backdrop.